800 hp bbc build

Reliable octane, big horsepower has been the Holy Grail for both enthusiasts and engine builders for some time now, with many choosing forced-induction to achieve that goal. However, boost is not necessary to achieve dyno-twisting numbers. The big-block Chevrolet is an excellent starting point, with a design proven over the the last 40 years by numerous engine builders in a variety of street cars, hot rods and race cars.

The finished engine boasts a colorful and well-detailed appearance as it will be showcased in a boat. The BBC engine has undergone a number of revisions since its inception, but the Mark IV design — first introduced in the Daytona stock cars — has become the staple in the industry for big performance out of a workable package.

Aftermarket improvements such as cylinder heads, camshaft and valvetrain design have only added to its success. The customer wanted to retain the ability to chug around on the water using nothing more than 87 octane fuel. Pistons were set up. Domed piston volume can only be estimated by the manufacturer, so Petralia sets the piston up in the bore to find the true dome volume to assist in calculating actual compression ratio.

Petralia then follows up with a computer-based formula to finish the calculation. A strong base. Anyone could scour a local U-Pull-It yard for a big-block Chevy crankcase, as they were delivered in millions of vehicles prior to their demise inwhich by then were known as the 8. Revised oiling benefits larger cam bearings and increased camshaft lift, and the block has additional clearance for roller-style timing chains.

Measuring the bore after final machining operations is critical — it allows Hardcore to place each measured piston in the best cylinder to complement those dimensions.

These measurements are taken in ten-thousandths of an inch. It arrives with a fully-finished 4. Petralia attached a torque plate to the top of the block and bored each of the eight holes to a 4. He finished the block with a 9. Each piston is measured to provide Hardcore with its dimensions — Petralia has a detailed spreadsheet where each critical engine dimension is recorded for a true, fully-blueprinted engine.

Fel-Pro gaskets are used to seal up the block-to-cylinder-head joint. In this application, a. In this application the I-beam design was deemed worthy to support the horsepower while remaining light enough to rev up quickly without hindering performance.

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The connecting rods have a single beam that runs across the rod cap to provide added strength and bearing support, while the beams have been polished to eliminate stress risers. Filling the holes. During the build process, Hardcore checks every single engine they complete for water and oil leaks.

This leakdown tester is employed along with a number of custom-made plugs and caps to seal up the engine and ensure its integrity once the build is complete. Petralia has found this, in conjunction with an oiling-system check, to cost him only a few minutes of build time while potentially saving hours on the dyno.

Simplicity prevailed when selecting components for the oiling system. A Melling high-volume oil pump relies on a welded pickup to supply the oil from a Moroso street-strip wet-sump 6-quart pan. The pan features a 4. An ARP oil pump stud is used to retain the pump in place, and a Melling heavy-duty pump driveshaft turns the gerotor-style pump.Thread Tools. Looking to build a pump gas street motor and would like to make HP on the motor.

Any good builds that I can lean too?? As in heads, cam, rotating assemblies. I planned on going with eagle forged. I need suggestions on everything. Just want feedback to pick my best option. View Public Profile. Send a private message to DarrellD.

Big-Block Buildup

Find More Posts by DarrellD. Check out Comp Star rods by Callies. ARP L bolts standard. Clears bottom end of block with almost no hand grinding too. Also Manley 4. Machined in USA and comes with everything documented on sizes on quality control check sheet. Better machining than Eagle. Camshaft is the make or break item in a street compression Have one special built for all your combination, especially head flow. Send a private message to markdunlap. Find More Posts by markdunlap. Dunno why you need juice to get a to put out hp.

We ran a tired Iron with Dart 's, Everybody appreciates the big power and solid grunt of a big block Chevy. And why not? They're easy to build and they always make great power. Parts are plentiful and the selection of hardcore performance gear is almost overwhelming.

You can throw just about any combination of parts at a big block Chevy and make extraordinary power. If you modify your approach and choose wisely, you can build a pump gas, all motor WMD that will shred the tires off of just about anything. A few months later he upgraded that Rat with a bigger cam and some head work and cranked out hp and tq. This was a genuine hp BBC that ran on pump gas. But as years passed he often wished he could've made more torque with less RPM because real street cars shouldn't need to rev above 6,rpm.

Pro Sportsman Series

Mike was sure that what kept him from achieving his high-torque, low-rpm goals, without resorting to boost, was the lack of a capable cylinder head.

That ci BBC ran a set of aftermarket R-port aluminum heads which were pretty much considered state of the art at the time. It took another decade and a half for the performance aftermarket to produce a head that would deliver the best combined street manners and performance. And he was determined to do it with nothing but off-the-shelf parts, that means no modifications to any partsand with less cubic inches than his old ci engine although not by much. Since ci has become the current go-to displacement for easy to build BBC strokers, he decided to go that route.

When you first look at the flow figures for AFR's cc O-port heads cfm. But Mike saw it in a different light.

800 hp bbc build

He saw its smaller intake runner volume, cc vs. The new AFR cylinder heads are the central component of this remarkable piece; a real world engine designed to deliver off the hook performance without expensive power adders and in the face of fluctuating fuel quality. A motor specifically configured to generate massive detonation free cylinder pressure at street engine speeds without distress and with total reliability.

The core was easy. A Dart Big M block was the natural choice. A lot of customers want billet main caps and studs, but truthfully, for the RPM range and usage of this engine, Dart's standard ductile iron main caps and bolts are fully capable. Plus, the money saved here can be put into other areas of the engine instead. The Dart block is renowned for its superior durability and in this case it might even be considered overkill, but Mike's experience saw it as rock solid insurance.

The rotating assembly is fortified with a 4. These are all top quality pieces and well worth the cost for the reliability and performance they provide. The pistons are installed. Ideally, we can rotate the crank deg using just one fingertip.

454 Chevy Big Block Bow Tie Build - Horsepower S13, E12

We also check the amount of torque it takes to turn the crank after each piston is installed.Aug 12, 1. Messages: Likes Received: 0. Aug 12, 2. Messages: 1, Likes Received: 3. I have a with heads that are ported, bowl blended and bigger 2. Sadly it only did rwhp and rwtq but i think it had some issues at the time and will re-dyno it soon.

Aug 12, 3. Aug 12, 4.

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Messages: 7, Likes Received: My " was max power, so it was not streetable. Made HP. Ran 9. Heads are actually sitting on the shelf. Hard to find anyone building something smaller then a " in my circle. Aug 12, 5. Aug 12, 6. Messages: 2, Likes Received: Aug 12, 7. I will second the Brodix ovals for stock style heads. Add a custom grind roller cam and about Aug 12, 8. Messages: 11, Likes Received: My first incarnation actually only made hp.

I used the Edelbrock cc heads to make about compression, an RPM intake and the voodoo cam.

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BG mighty demon carb and 1. Aug 12, 9. Messages: 12, Likes Received: Aug 12, You must log in or sign up to reply here.Building a high-horsepower small block Chevy engine requires careful planning and research. Today, experienced engine builders can attain output of more than two horsepower per cubic inch with thoughtful design and attention to detail.

Plan the engine build that suits your budget, displacement and power goals. You can typically design engines based on the factory blocks for displacements of or cubic inches. These engines can produce horsepower or more with fairly common aftermarket parts. Purchase an engine block capable of withstanding the targeted power output. You can use a suitable factory block for up to approximately horsepower -- less for stock-car or circle track use.

For power goals beyond that level you should use aftermarket blocks for two reasons: they have specific design changes that make them suitable for large-displacement and high horsepower, and the added cost for the precision machining and preparation of a factory block may not be justified.

You may have a total expense nearing the cost of an aftermarket block, but you will still have a block with limited strength and power capacity. Select a rotating assembly -- crankshaft, rods and pistons -- with the stroke and bore -- piston diameter -- required for the desired output.

Choose a forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods with upgraded rod bolts, and forged aluminum pistons for extra strength.

For an engine to run on pump gasoline, you should target a compression ratio of no more than to Racing engines with extremely high compression ratios require high-octane racing fuel. Take the engine block and rotating assembly to a qualified performance engine machinist for inspection and "blueprinting.

Blocks with stroker crankshafts may require grinding for additional clearance. Have your machinist balance and blueprint the rotating assembly. Finish-machining crank journals, rods and piston-pin bores to exact tolerances ensures proper oil clearances.

Balancing the assembly adds reliability and frees up extra horsepower. Choose aftermarket cylinder heads that provide optimum airflow and air velocity to reach your horsepower goals. The ability of the engine to breath is the key to producing power. A rule of thumb is 0.Those with better-than-average memories will recall that we started out on this adventure with a stock Ford circa pulled from a wrecking yard.

800 hp bbc build

Step-by-step the big-block was upgraded with an intake and carb, roller rockers, mildly ported stock heads, and a small performance cam. The upgrades we showed you in the first part May '11 pushed the power output from hp and lb-ft of torque to hp and lb-ft of torque.

Part 2 stepped things up even further, with forged flat-top pistons, fully ported heads from MPG Heads and a custom solid flat-tappet cam from Cam Research Corp. These upgrades June '11 combined with a single-plane intake and Holley carb allowed the 0. This was a stout to be sure, especially when you consider the use of iron heads, but we knew there was more power lurking within the just waiting to be unleashed.

As big-blocks go, the factory Ford was already sporting some impressive displacement, easily eclipsing the Dodge, the Chevy, and the Buick and Pontiac offerings--only the massive and inch Cadillac engines offered more displacement. The stock displacement on the came courtesy of a 4.

Though the big-bore combination suggested a candidate for high-rpm use even more so for the smaller with the 3. As big as the is in stock configuration, the best way to improve the power and more importantly torque output is to make it even bigger. A little math here goes a long way toward explaining the benefit of the extra inches.

Hardcore Horsepower Builds 550-horse 87-octane Big-block On a Budget

Suppose we choose a power output for our racy of horsepower. Producing hp from a equates to a specific output of 1. Reaching this specific output with the would be difficult, but not impossible.

It would, however, require a whole slew of expensive components designed to allow the race engine to rev to the moon to achieve the elevated specific output.

The downside of an elevated specific output is that the combination of compression, cam timing and head flow would certainly decrease driveability an hp would definitely be considered a race-only engine. Simply put, the smaller the engine, the wilder the combination required to reach a given power output. One way around the driveability or race-only issue is to increase displacement.

Increasing the displacement reduces the specific output required to reach a given power output. If we retain our goal of hp but increase the displacement of our engine to ci, we see that we have reduced the specific output to just 1.

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It is not only much easier to produce hp using a than abut the resulting combination will offer improved torque production, driveability, and engine life owed to the decrease in operating speed.

An hp will likely make peak power at or near 7, rpm, while the same power output from this came at just 6, rpm. The inch stroker kit will not cost any more and likely less than the rotating assembly required for building a dedicated hp motor, but it will be more than pulling a used from the wrecking yard. The forged-steel crank and rods were originally teamed with a set of forged flat-top pistons from Probe Racing.

We had a major oiling system failure on our first attempt and the high-compression pistons were replaced with a set of dished pistons to reduce the static compression ratio to a streetable Different bore sizes are available, but this particular build up featured an increase in bore size from 4. When combined with a jump in stroke from 3. Obviously, making hp with a inch engine is much easier than producing the same output with a smaller inch combo, but the big Ford required more than displacement to eclipse the hp mark.

What the stroker needed was the ideal combination of what we like to call "the big three," or more specifically the heads, cam and intake manifold. The displacement obviously plays a major part in the power production, but ultimate power production and even the shape of the entire curve are primarily dictated by your choice of the heads, cam and intake. The heads must flow enough to support the intended power level, while the cam and intake must be chosen to operate effectively at the intended rpm range.It seems a certainty that Chevy guys would rather eat dirt than drive a Ford, but not all Chevy guys agree about their choice of powerplant.

The original small-block has a lot going for it, including power potential, minimal weight and even affordability. By comparison, the big-block takes a few giant steps up the performance ladder, but does so saddled with both additional weight and cost. There is no denying the power potential of a nasty Rat motor, but it is considerably larger, heavier and more expensive to build than a comparable mouse.

In the past, big-block guys had to be serious about their need for power in order to overlook the mass and cost issues associated with building the Rat.

The old adage that "speed costs money, how fast do you want to go" certainly applies here. Or does it? What if we told you there was a magical land where big-blocks and small-blocks were available for the exact same price?

800 hp bbc build

What if we further sweetened the deal with a serious weight reduction for the big-block with the addition of some aluminum cylinder heads? In one fell swoop we have all but eliminated the cost and weight penalties associated with building a fat-block Chevy.

Read on! Where is the magical land where big-blocks roam free, ripe for the picking? The answer is your nearest wrecking yard. It seems that the wrecking yards label every method of motivation as simply "complete engine" and let it go at that. This means the complete big-block can be had for the same price as a small-block, V-6 or God forbid four-cylinder, econo-box motor.

Lest you think that the boneyards are devoid of big-block Chevys, we snagged not one but two different big-blocks from our local Pick-a-Part and found three moreso obviously they are still available hint-stop looking for that LS6 Chevelle and check out the engine bays of full-size trucks.

This price can be reduced on special sale days where everything in the lot including a complete BBC engine is 50 percent off.

With big-blocks available for such a minimal cash outlay, we decided a low-buck build was in order that simultaneously maximized power and minimized expenditure.

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Naturally we had to set official goals for each. In the power department, we decided that any decent big-block even one starting out life in the wrecking yard should produce a minimum of hp. To this power output we decided to add a small shot of nitrous and reach for no less than hp.

To put this into proper perspective, check out the pricing on some of the big-block or even small-block crate motors online. You'd be hard pressed to find a BBC short-block for that price, let alone a long-block equipped with aluminum heads, a performance cam and high-rise intake with nitrous no less.

Think of this build up as your own personal stimulus package.